Welcome to GreenQuest™:

GreenQuest is provided for you FREE by Loudoun County Public Schools.

GreenQuest is your personal energy information website. GreenQuest is powered by EnergyCAP® software, which is the software used by LCPS for energy management, utility bill tracking, auditing, bill payment, reporting, greenhouse gas tracking, ENERGY STAR building submittal, and more. Please visit www.energycap.com for more information.

If you receive energy bills (electric, water, natural gas or oil) for any one building (your house, office, apartment, condo, restaurant, church, store, etc.) you can use GreenQuest as your personal energy information solution. Using GreenQuest is simple. First, get your utility bills. You can enter up to three types of bills for one building. GreenQuest will ask for a few pieces of information from your bills. Enter the data and you're done. Repeat this every time you receive a utility bill. Soon you'll build up a history, so you can easily access information on energy spending, weather data, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use for your building.

We Manage What We Care About and We Care About What We Manage.

Launch GreenQuest
  • • Analyze energy use and cost for multiple years.
  • • Compare energy use to similar buildings or homes within your local geographic region.
  • • Track greenhouse gas emissions quickly & easily.
  • • View your predicted energy use based on weather data from AccuWeather.com®.
  • • See the results of your energy conservation efforts on easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • • Motivate and educate family members or co-workers by sharing your GreenQuest data.
  • • Submit your commercial building data to ENERGY STAR® to receive an official energy rating.